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.How to buy

Порядок приобретения и дополнительные расходы

The procedure of buying of a real estate property in Spain

Features purchasing property in the process of construction

No Mortgage

Buying property in Spain takes place according to a strict and transparent rules, providing full legality and transparency of the transaction, including notarization and banking support.

20% - Deposit0%
Paying 30% of cost in equal parts during the construction period0%
Adding 50% of the balance at the signing of the deed0%

With Mortgage

You can purchase the property, arranging a mortgage in a Spanish bank.


We will be happy to advise you and assist in obtaining mortgages.

20% - Deposit0%
Paying 10% of cost in equal parts during the construction period0%
70% - Mortgage0%

All the apartments on sale are in the block 1

Acquisition costs

  • Purchase price, excluding the VAT is 7%
  • Notary fees: depending on the purchase price, usually ranging between 400 € and 1.000
  • Cadastral tax: approximately 3⁄4 of the amount of notary expenses
  • Stamp duty: 1% of the purchase price
VAT and other expenses are aproximately 9% of the purchase price

Additional expenses

Monthly cost:

  • Condominium Expenses: Maintainance of elevators, gardens, swimming pools, cleaning, etc.
  • Utility costs: Electricity and water supply
Annual costs:
  • Real estate tax: local tax
  • garbage collection
  • Income tax


Purchase price: 120.000 €
IGIC: 8.400 €
Total: 128.400 €

Additional costs:
  • Notorial expences 700 €
  • Cadastral tax 375 €
  • Stump duty 1.200 €
  • Paperwork 250 €

TOTAL: 130.925 €

Down payment from 30%